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Domestic Millennial

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Why Domestic Millennial came to us:

Domestic Millennial wanted to stake out their place in the market, but they had a niche service with a limited audience. Gaining attraction was a sizable problem.

Domestic Millennial had already been negatively impacted by a previous SEO service from India…

(through cheap but untrustworthy services on sites such as Fiverr).  DM were disheartened with the results that SEO could actually achieve for them. They decided to give SEO one last chance with a reputable brand, working with fair pricing and using ethical SEO techniques – Us!

How we helped them:

  • We worked with the unique niche of marketing that Domestic Millennial wanted to expand into, creating a 5 star blog, this blog came to be the primary marketing tool of Domestic Millennial’s website.
  • We implemented an reinforced policy of keywords, back links and technical SEO elements to increase their rankings on Google through organic SEO means.
  • Alongside the SEO work, we also developed a larger scale social media strategy targeted at social influencing and paid ads through Facebook and Instagram.
  • We created a space online for future customers to leave their feedback, signing up to review sites such as Yell.com and Google places, signing up to a online community of businesses who the public can trust and choose from.

What we achieved:

A steady flow of clients, enabling Domestic Millennial to expand their service offerings into new fields such as coaching, tutoring and personal development mentoring.

Page one ranking for Domestic Millennial for terms relating to their business.


A brand new opportunity and revenue flow for Domestic Millennial as a social influencer and affiliate marketer.