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Why PW Property came to us:

PW Property was a relatively private, internationally based property agency focusing on high-spec property sales through means that hadn’t really involved much use of SEO products and online sales.

Due to their small size, PW Property faced the challenge of appearing to be at the lower end of the market to their prospective clients because they had no website or online presence. PW told us that;

“despite clients meeting face to face with us on 50th floor buildings’ in Chicago, they would still demand to see a website!”

They were in the position to be able to allocate a good budget to a solid SEO strategy however didn’t have the necessary in-house specialists or knowledge in how to develop a strategy and execute on this.

That’s where we came to the rescue!

How we helped them:

  • We created a much needed top end looking, professional website with SEO fully optimized content.
  • We generated a series of explainer videos for PW Property to use in their face to face presentations and display on their website. These ranged from 2D animations to bespoke 3D animation services detailing their products and services to prospective clients.
  • We gave PW Property a branding – created a logo, business card design, blog presence and set them up as a physical business on the web.
  • We implemented an reinforced policy of keywords, back links and technical SEO elements to increase their rankings on Google. Giving their website a helping hand to gain substance online through organic SEO means.

What we achieved:

 Satisfaction with prospective clients, PW Property told us that their closing on deal percentages grew tenfold due to their website presence.


A branding success! PW Property have opened up their services into more countries in both Europe as well as the United States. 


Despite their initial privacy, PW Property have introduced measures to work with the increased flow of clients from their website through organic means. They have had to focus less on gaining sales through networking and can concentrate on expanding their repertoire!